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Reg ID
Academic status
Payment Status
1 107 Mr.  Xiang Yong Wang Mae Fah Luang University Researcher Pay Now  
2 106 Mr.  Kittirat-Saharat Chulabhorn Graduate Institute Student Completed  
3 105 Assist. Prof.  Wichuda Klawech Thaksin University Lecturer Completed  
4 104 Assist. Prof.  Naraporn Somboonna Chulalongkorn University Lecturer Pay Now  
5 103 Ms.  Araya Lekgorthoud Mae Fah Luang Student Completed  
6 102 Ms.  Soraya Thongyu Mae Fah Luang Student Completed  
7 100 Mr.  Kridsada Unban Chiang Mai University Student Completed  
8 099 Ms.  Satidapron Kreawsa Chiang Mai University Student Pay Now  
9 098 Dr.  RUTTAPORN CHUNDET Maejo University Lecturer Pay Now  
10 097 Professor  Wen-Chien Lee National Chung Cheng University Lecturer Completed  
11 096 Professor  Louis Kuoping Chao China Medical University, Taichung Taiwan Lecturer Pay Now  
12 095 Ms.  SINEENATH KUNTHIPHUN Chulalongkorn university Student Completed  
13 094 Ms.  Hathaiphat Vongthaiwan King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi Student Pay Now  
14 093 Ms.  Puttamas Nuonming Mae Fah Luang Student Completed  
15 092 Ms.  Pornjira Somnark Mae Fah Luang Student Completed  
16 091 Mr.  Nontaphat Thongsin Mae Fah Luang Student Completed  
17 090 Professor  Ho-Shing Wu Yuan Ze university Lecturer Pay Now  
18 089 Ms.  Nutchaya Songruk Chulalongkorn University Student Pay Now  
19 088 Professor  Hui-Min David Wang Kaohsiung Medical University Lecturer Pay Now  
20 087 Ms.  Suchada Rakphung Chulalongkorn University Student Completed  
21 085 Ms.  Sirima Mingmongkolchai Mahidol Student Completed  
22 084 Ms.  Nattaya Anurutphan Chulalongkorn University Student Completed  
23 083 Mr.  Kritsakorn Saninjuk Mahidol University Student Completed  
24 082 Ms.  Premsuda Saman Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research Researcher Completed  
25 081 Mr.  Chaithath Boonjan Chulalongkorn University Student Completed  
26 080 Ms.  Siriwan Boonma Mahidol University Student Completed  
27 079 Ms.  Angkana Boonyakanog Mahidol University Student Completed  
28 078 Dr.  Adisak Romsang Chulabhorn Research Institute Researcher Completed  
29 077 Ms.  Jintana Duang-nkern Chulabhorn Research Institute Researcher Completed  
30 075 Ms.  Nongruk Khienpanya Kasetsart University Student Completed  
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