PR-BN-01 Bio-based adhesive from wheat gluten 
PR-BN-02 The potential of mango peel utilization for cellulose extraction by hydrothermal pretreatment
PR-BN-03 Determining adsorption ability of bio-magnetic nanocomposites for lead (II) ion
PR-BN-04 Optimaization for β-glucan production from Aureobasidium pullulans  NRRL 58543
PR-BN-05 Bio-based composites of sugarcane bagasse: effect of bagasse particle size
PR-BN-06 Biocomposites of wheat gluten and sawdust: effect of matrix composition on structure and mechanical properties
PR-BN-07 Cashew nut shell liquid-based coating 
PR-BN-08 Pineapple leaf fiber reinforced wheat gluten biocomposites
PR-BN-09 Extraction and characterization of cellulose from sugarcane bagasse by using environmental friendly method