PR-IB-01 Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) production by soil bacteria isolated using crude glycerol as a carbon source.
PR-IB-02 Effect of sodium chloride concentration on the pasting and thermal properties of rice starch in the presence of non-ionic and ionic hydrocolloids
PR-IB-03 Decolorization and COD reduction of wastewater from ethanol production by Fenton oxidation
PR-IB-04 Fenton oxidation treatment of biodiesel wastewater: optimization using response surface methodology and MATLAB software
PR-IB-05 C-phycocyanin extraction from Spirulina platensis  oven-dried biomass
PR-IB-06 In vitro  conversion of glycerol to lactate with thermophilic enzymes
PR-IB-07 Partial purification and characterization of xylanase from Streptomyces mexicanus  901
PR-IB-08 Xylanase production by thermophilic Actinomycete Thermobifida fusca  PA1-1
PR-IB-09 Cassava starch modification using recombinant starch branching enzymes from cassava Manihot esculenta  Crantz
PR-IB-10 Screening and optimization of biosurfactant production by yeast and yeast like fungi isolated from the coastal areas of Koh Si Chang